Buying Your Own Bouncy Castle

Buying Your Own Bouncy Castle

As adults we sometimes forget what it was like to be a child and we don’t always get the appeal of children’s toys such as a bouncy castle.  For a child a bouncy castle can be the most fun thing ever.  That is one of the reasons the bouncy castle business is booming and you find them at birthday parties everywhere.

Buying Your Own Bouncy Castle

If you have lots of kids or your house is where all of the kids in the neighbourhood come to play then it might be a good idea to actually by your own bounce house rather than spending the money renting every weekend.  There are lots of advantages to owning your own and it may work out to be cheaper in the long run.  You never have to worry about your favorite bounce house being booked when you are having an event.

What to Look for in a Bounce House

If you decide that a bounce house is right for you then there are things that you should be looking for before you whip out your credit card.  It goes without saying that you want something that is well made.  Buying a bouncy castle is a pretty big expense, so spend wisely.  Take into consideration what it is made from and the quality used in putting it together.  Online reviews are a pretty good source for determining if the inflatable you like is worth buying.


You want to double check and see if it comes with a warranty and what that includes.  Is insurance included as well or even available as an addon.  Again, this is a big purchase so you want to make sure that you protect yourself as much as possible.  You may even want to check with your home insurance to make sure you have liability coverage just in case.  You do not want to be sued if one of your neighbours hurts themselves bouncing in your back yard.

It also goes without saying that you should actually shop for a bounce house that your kids like. There are plenty of different styles to choose from, anything from animal shapes to an actual castle.  If you’re going to spend the money you should get something the kids want to play with.  Also check out how easy they are to setup and make sure there are instructions on how to do it properly.