Children enjoy a royal reunion at the Jubilee-inspired tea party

Children including five-year-old Jacob Platt with events manager Stephanie Bond at Long Knowle Community Hub

The party was held at Long Knowle Library in Wednesfield and included crafts, activities, dancing and culminated in a royal tea party.

More than 20 children between the ages of one and 10 attended, to the joy of the organizers.

Event organizer Stephanie Bond said: “It was amazing, we had a full house, the kids had a blast.

“We introduced more than 20 children and had pictures of the Queen and information around for them to learn.

“I work in a daycare center and I know how important it is for children to celebrate things like this, they may never see anything like it again.

“They all got certificates for participating, and we wanted them to know the story.

“When they arrived there was music playing, we had a London shop, a sensory area, all decorated in red, white and blue.

“Afterwards we had tea and then some parachute games and singing, with the children learning ‘happy jubilee’ in Makaton.”

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Jamie Lynch

Jamie Lynch